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  Are Web Hosting Reviews Trusworthy?

Web hosting reviews are available all over the Internet. So which do you trust and which do you take with a grain of salt? This is the million dollar question! After researching numerous web hosting reviews I came to the conclusion that they are not really that much help. I really was perplexed at the sites I researched because very few of the sites reviewed the same web hosts and most of the web hosts I have never heard of before. This left me completely confused.

There are several different formats for web hosting reviews. Some have you plug in answers to a set of questions and then pop up host sites that meet the criteria of their questions but have no real information. They do not include customer comments or professional reviews nor do they have any information beyond what the company offers.

They do not give uptime or customer service ratings. These appear to be nothing more than a forum for the host companies to post their ads on.

Other web hosting reviews offer ratings for uptime, customer service, and services offered with few or no customer reviews. The sites I found with customer reviews had a lot of spam for and against the companies listed, so read several of the reviews not just the first few and watch for repeated comments under different names, this is spam put there by another web host to skew the results.

Watch the dates on the websites and comments some of these sites are two or three years old and have not been updated. Choose the sites with current reviews for a more up-to-date look at the web hosting companies. Many things can change in a year or two; some companies improve drastically and others go down hill.

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  More about web hosting reviews:

You can also use Whois.com to see who owns the web hosting company and how long they have been in business. Many times one web hosting company will own several others listed and all of these will rank in the top sites listed. This can be an indication that the web hosting reviews site is biased and probably hosted by that particular web host company.

There are some legitimate web hosting reviews out there; you just have to look for them and pay attention to the information and comments listed and make a determination as to their validity.

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