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So what is virtual web hosting? Virtual web hosting is hosting using a virtual private server or VPS. A VPS is situated between dedicated servers and shared servers. It is, put in simple terms, a server within a server. The virtual private server appears to be the same as a dedicated server but it shares the same hardware. Imagine a condominium, where all the homes are within the same framework, yet are individual homes, each having their own private entryway, doors and locks, living room, utilities, and storage.

Virtual web hosting lets you have all the benefits of a dedicated server without the exorbitant price that accompanies dedicated web hosting.

In virtual web hosting you have access to bandwidth and disc space that is normally bigger than that in shared web hosting but not as large as dedicated web hosting. This will allow you numerous IP addresses. The exclusiveness of your own private server lends to your security because lines don’t intersect and each VPS can have their individual security measures.

In virtual web hosting you begin with a blank slate. You can choose which operating system you wish to use, design your own software, build firewalls, and be in control of what comes and goes from your servers. Due to the fact that you do not, for all practical purposes, share space with any other user; another user can lose everything and it will not affect your VPS.

Another benefit, not mentioned above, is that virtual web hosting is in reality physically shared with other users. To put it simply, numerous users are still utilizing the identical hardware. So therefore with virtual web hosting you share the cost of the equipment with other users without sharing the risk. The only thing is you better know a bit about server administration or you will have to hire someone to do it for you because virtual web hosting does not come managed.

Virtual web hosting is more expensive than shared web hosting. Virtual web hosting runs from $9 to $99 per month. As always be sure to research and compare any virtual web hosting package before purchasing. Cheaper is not always better!

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