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What is Linux web hosting? Linux web hosting is a web host who uses Linux operating systems. Linux web hosting is often called LAMP referring to Linux operating system with a software bundle of: Apache, MySQL, and Perl/PHP. Linux can operate on an assortment of hardware such as: Intel, PowerPCs, and Digital Alpha CPUs, to name a few. Linux web hosting is almost identical to Unix web hosting with the primary difference between the two being their origin. Linux is a spinoff of Unix operating systems where as present day Unix operating systems are upgraded versions of the original Unix.

In 1991, Linus Torvalds, was a student at the University of Helsinki, Finland when he developed Linux. Since Torvalds developed Linux as an open source under the GNU General Public License, the source code is free and can be edited and redistributed by anyone. This allows users of Linux web hosting to construct their websites using Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP and any other free software. This keeps costs down and lets Linux to be recognized as budget web hosting. Due to the fact that Linux is an open-source operating system you don’t have to pay a licensing fee. Because of this you can purchase one copy of Linux operating systems and use it on as many computers as you wish.

Linux is known for being reliable and stable. Linux servers are less apt to crash than their counterpart Windows. This translates into your website being online with less downtime. Linux has many years of experience in web hosting where as Windows is relatively new at the web hosting game. Linux processes basic web pages somewhat faster than Windows, as well. Windows only supports ASP, a Microsoft programming language, and Microsoft databases. Linux does not support ASP or Microsoft databases but does support the MySQL database. Linux accounts do provide free Frontpage extensions so that you can upload your Microsoft Frontpage to your website on a Linux server.

Most Linux web hosting comes with CGI scripts built in, html web pages, and much, much more, which makes Linux very easy for the customer to understand and use.

These are only a few of the reasons why choosing a Linux web hosting company would be beneficial to you and your website.

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